Payment Methods

Please INPUT YOUR ORDER NUMBER & LAST NAME at the MESSAGE to the RECEIVER/NOTES, SEND SCREENSHOT of your payment via FB MESSENGER and patiently wait for the payment confirmation. Please send full screenshot with reference number / transaction email receipt.


For Bank Transfer: 


Account Name: On the way corporation
Account Number: 011738001935


Account Name: Sabrina Flores Gregorio 
Account Number: 0999241263




Step 1. Select 'Send Money' then 'Send Money to Bank' or 'Bank Transfer.'

Step 2. Select the bank of your choice and input the required details needed to process your transaction (i.e. amount, name, account number, etc.)

Step 3. On the Confirmation page, confirm the amount. The bank transfer should be processed immediately; you will receive an SMS confirmation receipt for the transaction as well.

Step 4.  Send us TRANSACTION RECEIPT or Screenshot of FULL TEXT MESSAGE FROM GCASH on FB Messenger along with your order number.



Once order is paid, no cancellation or refund. 
Please note our cut off time for same day payments  is at 5pm. Kindly wait for our confirmation text if your order is ready. For inquiries, kindly contact: 0917 632 8326. For updates on riders, kindly contact: 0956 270 7602. Thank you!