Introducing SOTW LOYALTY REWARDS 🏆 Buy your favorite #samgyup and accumulate points like GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE, and get discounts per order.


Step 1: Click the parachute icon on the left side of your screen


Step 2: Click Join now


Step 3: Enter name, email address, and password



Step 4: Enjoy your membership! Get points per order, and once accumulated, it can be used as a discount on your overall order.


GOLD - Equal or greater than P5,000= 50 Points
SILVER -Equal or greater than P3,000= 30 Points
BRONZE - Equal or grater than P1,500 = 15 points 
*Points expire every 60 days upon purchase
*Terms and conditions apply



*Terms and conditions apply
*To avail the promo, both customers must be members of SOTW Loyalty Program
*Reward points expire every 60 days upon issue